The project enables management of many types of drones and analysis of environmental parameters

Hangar is one of the projects with the most potential developed over the past few years in the drone industry. Its innovation comes in the elements that differentiate it from products that aim toward similar goals. Luca Brizzi, Executive President and Head of R&D at ADPM Drones, identifies them: “The first element is the opportunity to manage both commercial drones, from DJI to Parrot and the other brands on the market, and drones based on the MAVLink protocol. Through high-level APIs, the customer can interact with Hangar, which takes care of reading commands in the language preferred by the drone chosen from time to time.” Another important reason is the many applications: “Hangar is a versatile, plug-and-play product that is natively integrated with UTM, video surveillance, fleet management and GIS data management systems and platforms.”

With these capabilities, Hangar provides benefits to many customers and companies specializing in different sectors. “We are working with companies that manage many valuable and strategically important assets. Important market players that share an interest in monitoring for maintenance and management purposes of their physical assets, as well as for security and intrusion detection purposes. We are also getting requests on the analysis of environmental parameters, such as air quality and land conformation,” says Matte Forte, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at ADPM Drones.

For companies that want to invest in innovative solutions, Hangar is a security because there are no elements or conditions that limit its use. “We are talking about a project,” Forte continues, “that allows you to choose from a number of ‘pre-sets’ that we have developed, or build solutions based on the customer’s requirements, which can change based on the installation location. Environmental conditions are an element to be taken into account but do not prevent us from identifying and implementing effective solutions. For drones, however, operational limits on conditions suitable for flight apply, even though Hangar is suitable to accommodate many types of drones. This means that operational limits depend on the specifics of the drone itself, as each will have its own characteristics in terms of load capacity and wind resistance.”