ADPM Drones is excited to announce the launch of AvioGate FT, the latest innovation in our line of drone communication solutions. This cutting-edge product represents a significant step forward in unmanned aerial vehicle communication technology, offering unprecedented versatility and reliability.

Key Features of AvioGate FT

  1. Modular Architecture: Similar to NAS systems, AvioGate FT can accommodate one to four communication cards in a single enclosure.
  2. Multiple Connectivity: Each card is equipped with 4G/LTE SIM, Iridium SBD satellite module, Ethernet RJ-45, and four RS232/TTL serial ports.
  3. Positioning Precision: Integrates a high-precision GNSS/GPS module.
  4. Processing Power: Equipped with a Linux SoC and an ESP32 to handle complex operations.
  5. Independent Power Supply: Rechargeable via USB-C for greater operational flexibility.


The Power of Redundancy

AvioGate FT is designed to ensure uninterrupted communication in any operational scenario. Its ability to use SIM cards from different operators and Iridium SBD satellite connectivity with multiple ground terminations ensures that the link with remote systems always remains active.

Artificial Intelligence Serving Communication

The heart of AvioGate FT is an advanced software system that leverages artificial intelligence to always select the optimal communication channel. This ensures efficient and reliable data transmission at all times, seamlessly interfacing with ground systems.

Impact on the Drone Sector

With AvioGate FT, ADPM Drones is redefining communication standards in the drone sector. This technology opens up new possibilities for operations in complex environments and critical missions, where communication stability is crucial.

ADPM Drones and Continuous Innovation

As a member of the Intellimove consortium, ADPM Drones continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of intelligent mobility. AvioGate FT is a concrete example of our commitment to a more connected and technologically advanced future in the drone sector and beyond.

For more information on AvioGate FT and how it can revolutionize your drone operations, don’t hesitate to contact us at or through our contact form.