ADPM Drones

Lightweight efficiency

ADPM Drones

Lightweight efficiency

About us

We design and build lightweight B2B UAS of unmatchable ease of use. We enable companies and professionals provide innovative services in vertical market segments (security and surveillance, asset digitization, specialist uses eg. air quality analysis) with a strong service request.

Security and surveillance

Asset digitization


Specialist uses

Air quality analysis

Full Flight View (FV2)

The project involves drones for innovative territorial control solutions, through the integration of technological solutions produced by different companies (Telespazio, e-GEOS, DBW, MPB and ADPM Drones). In particular, a multirotor drone equipped with a 360° stereoscopic camera, electromagnetic wave sensor and thermal camera and a harmless drone with full HD video and thermal camera will be used.

Prizes and awards

ADPM Drones, also finalist for the CISCO Special Prize, won the IngDan Far East Development 2016 Special Prize at the Gaetano Marzotto Award, one of the most important prizes in the world for business and the most important one in Italy.

ADPM Drones won the Bando InnovAzione, promoted by Assocamerestero, the 79 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and the ITA (Italian Trade Agency), with the aim of supporting the internationalization of the winning startups.


A modular and interchangeable solution which allows you to take control of different kind of drones (both multi-rotors and fixed wing) from ADPM Drones, taking the process of flying a drone at a new, matchless, simplicity level. Cerebro, with proprietary software, automatically recognize the airframe it’s connected to and re-configure itself to bring it to life.


Safety and ease-of-use: useful indoor and in high sensitive places.


Safety and ease-of-use: useful indoor and in high sensitive places.


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Strategic development partners


One of the leading private European groups in innovation technology consultancy. It operates in a market niche in highly competitive and fast moving sectors where growth and success strongly depend on technological innovations.


Accelerator investing in Digital Manufacturing start-ups. TH2 conducts value-boosting activities in an integrated way with its qualified network of professionals and academics, industrial relations and access to capital.


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