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ABout Aviorym

AVIORYM is a cutting-edge technology solution developed by ADPM Drones. It is an intelligent hangar that offers several advanced features, including:


Recharging the aircraft


Secure and efficient transmission of data


Real-time management of commands and instruments


Comprehensive protection for the drone

La tecnologia di aviorym

Smart and Autonomous

AVIORYM offers remote management capabilities through a cloud-based connection and traditional channels such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and satellite. This provides users with versatility and flexibility in their operations.

The solution is equipped with a REST API management platform, designed to seamlessly integrate the control and command functionalities of AVIORYM and the drone into existing software systems. This integration streamlines operations and enhances overall efficiency.

In addition, AVIORYM features a fast charging system and advanced intelligence capabilities, allowing for autonomous management of the flight process. This significantly reduces the workload on operators and eliminates the need for manual intervention in certain aspects of the flight.

The solution also integrates a weather station, which assesses flight conditions in real-time, and can be managed in three different modes. These features make AVIORYM a powerful and reliable solution for drone operations.


Pre-Programmed Missions:

These missions are based on a predetermined flight plan, allowing for efficient and streamlined operations.


Guided Missions in Real-Time:

This type of mission is controlled by remote operators in a control room, providing real-time monitoring and intervention capabilities.


Autonomous Missions:

In these missions, an integrated network of sensors communicates with AVIORYM, enabling the system to receive input signals from one or more sensors. This allows AVIORYM to direct the drone to the target location and provide real-time video streaming and situational awareness. This capability enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness, and eliminates the need for manual intervention in certain aspects of the flight.


Fast Charging System

Integrated Intelligence

Autonomous Management

Open Platform

Adaptable and Customizable

Durable and Waterproof

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