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We design, develop and integrate B2B hardware and software solutions based on mobile sensors (drones, rovers, …) which enable companies to provide innovative services in vertical market segments (surveillance, asset monitoring and digitization, …) characterized from a very strong evolution in requests for service.


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ADPM Drones implementa lo standard video STANAG 4609

ADPM Drones implementa lo standard video STANAG 4609

Lo STANAG 4609 è il formato ufficiale per lo scambio di immagini in movimento (dati video, sequenze di immagini, FMV - video in full motion) all’interno delle nazioni NATO e descrive una speciale codifica del video e dei metadati (dati geografici). ADPM Drones ha...

Full Flight View (FV2)

The project involves drones for innovative territorial control solutions, through the integration of technological solutions produced by different companies (Telespazio, e-GEOS, DBW, MPB and ADPM Drones). In particular, a multirotor drone equipped with a 360° stereoscopic camera, electromagnetic wave sensor and thermal camera and a harmless drone with full HD video and thermal camera will be used.