Technological innovation in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly ascending, and our collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata (UniRoma2) is a clear example of how technology transfer can be a propeller of progress. This project, born under the aegis of the CTE – Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti di Roma, is a benchmark for applied innovation.

The Role of CTE in Technology Transfer

The CTE of Rome has played a fundamental role in facilitating the transfer of advanced technical knowledge from the academic world to the industrial sector. Their technology transfer journey has allowed the transformation of UniRoma2’s ACS (Adaptable Communication System) from a theoretical concept to a practical solution integrated into our COM-BOX, a device that represents the future of UAV communications.

Technical Innovation at the Heart of the Project

The ACS system of UniRoma2 is a scalable and cost-effective communication platform, designed to manage multiple access networks and ensure network transparency, QoS (Quality of Service) control, and effective management of handover maneuvers. Its flexible architecture has been adapted for integration with ADPM Drones’ COM-BOX, which incorporates various communication channels, offering a robust solution for communications and real-time control in UAV scenarios.

The 5G as a Technological Lever

5G plays a crucial role in our project, providing the bandwidth and low latency necessary for precise and immediate control of information. ADPM Drones has developed a preliminary system for optimizing the flow of telemetric information in 5G communication contexts, based on the implementation of REST-APIs and websockets, which will be integrated and tested within the COM-BOX.

COM-BOX: What Is It?

The COM-BOX represents an excellence of modern communicative technology, ingeniously combining the communication capabilities of mobile networks (4G/5G) within a compact set of devices. This integration is fundamental for both flying and non-flying objects, providing them with the essential ability to communicate effectively.
The importance of the COM-BOX becomes particularly evident for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) services, where reliable communication is not just advantageous, but critical. By enabling objects to transmit data and receive commands securely and efficiently, the COM-BOX ensures that operations are not only smooth and uninterrupted, but also comply with the highest safety standards.

Technical Challenges and Solutions

During the project, we faced significant technical challenges, such as the integration of different network protocols and the synchronization of communication systems. We used advanced modeling and simulation tools to assess compatibility and identify areas of integration, optimizing the system to operate effectively within 5G networks.

A Structured Path to Success

Our approach is methodical and well-planned, divided into work packages that cover every aspect of the project:

  • Integration Analysis: We evaluate the compatibility between the ACS system and the COM-BOX, laying the groundwork for seamless integration.
  • Optimization Study: We explore how to improve bandwidth efficiency and reduce data transmission costs, leveraging the power of 5G.
  • Validation: We test the integrated solution in real operational scenarios to ensure it meets our high standards.
  • Dissemination: We share our findings with the world, through scientific publications and conference participation, to inspire and inform.

Looking to the Future

The results so far have been remarkable. We have demonstrated that the integration of the ACS system into the COM-BOX can significantly optimize communication and data management in critical scenarios. This is just the beginning; we are paving the way for further innovations in the field of hybrid communications and autonomous aerial mobility.


Our collaboration with UniRoma2, supported by the technology transfer path of the CTE of Rome, is bringing to completion a project that not only meets the current needs of the IoT and UAV sectors but anticipates them, leading the era of connectivity towards new horizons. With the integration of the ACS system into the COM-BOX, we are paving the way for further innovations in the field of hybrid communications and autonomous aerial mobility.
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