We’re super excited to tell you about our recent experience at the Roma Drone Conference 2023, a benchmark event for the drone sector in Italy. A special thank you to Luciano Castro for inviting us to the EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF ROME. This event was an unmissable opportunity for us to showcase our latest innovations and to share revolutionary ideas in the world of UAV technology.

Spotlight: AVIORYM, Our Technological Pride

The star of our stand was undoubtedly AVIORYM, one of our most advanced creations. By displaying it in the pavilion dedicated to companies, we showcased to the world its incredible technological capabilities. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest of the participants, a clear confirmation of the value and importance of the innovative solutions we are advancing.

The Challenges of Regulation in the Era of Technological Innovation

One of the highlights was when Luca Brizzi, Executive President of ADPM Drones, took part in the afternoon Round Table. Here, we had the opportunity to focus on the topic closest to our heart: technology. In front of regulatory bodies’ representatives and an attentive audience, we delved not only into the current technological landscape but also into the challenges that await us in the future.

Luca highlighted a critical challenge: the exponential pace at which technology advances often surpasses the ability of regulators to keep up. This aspect is of crucial importance in the Italian technological context, which involves innovative companies like ADPM Drones and future innovators among the university students present at the event.

Innovation vs Regulation: Finding the Right Balance

We recognize the complexities that regulators face in balancing innovation and regulation. However, at the Roma Drone Conference, we emphasized our readiness as innovators to challenge the markets with thousands of revolutionary ideas and solutions. To compete globally, it is essential that regulation be flexible, without compromising safety and reliability. We firmly believe that the meshes of bureaucracy, although essential, should be a bit more flexible to facilitate reaching a technological future that is already almost in our hands.

Reminder: Innovation Never Stops

The Roma Drone Conference reminded us that the world of innovation is constantly moving, and we are here to be protagonists in this change.

P.S.: A little spoiler for you: we have also briefly introduced our new experiments on UAVs with the emerging technology of 2023, the Large Language Models. Keep your eyes open, you might hear about it very soon 😉.

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