The German company is one of ADPM Drones’ partners

One of the elements from which ADPM Drones‘ solutions flow is Flynex, a platform that facilitates the planning, collection and systematic analysis of data for proper monitoring of assets, structures and buildings. Founded in 2015 in Hamburg and headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, the company enables companies to leverage high-tech solutions, such as remotely piloted aircraft, to obtain information quickly and effectively to create relevant value across many industries.


Credit: Hamburg-news

Among the company’s strengths is Flynex Corporate Platform, a suite that enables companies active in data collection via drones an integrated workflow in order to derive reliable and important results for their business. The solution assures companies a considerable saving compared to the costs incurred to equip themselves with typical data mining tools, with a corresponding improvement in the quality of the data collected and its evaluation. The platform allows projects and data to be managed from start to finish in a single environment, as well as members, teams, resources and storage space.

“We are focused, especially with Hangar and COM-BOX, on making Data Generation and Data Transmission autonomous and as efficient as possible,” says Luca Brizzi, Executive Chairman and Head of R&D at ADPM Drones. The focus is to design and implement autonomous solutions that on the one hand guarantee an accurate and extensive data collection, which are then transmitted quickly and safely where needed. The partnerships that we are building, with Flynex and with other companies, go in the direction of offering a complete solution that includes Data Acquisition & Transmission, but also other functionalities, such as Fleet management and Data Analytics.The final goal is to offer the market integrated turnkey and end-to-end solutions”.

“In order to provide integrated end-to-end solutions for industrial purposes at scale, reliable interconnectivity is still a threshold that needs to be bridged. By integrating ADPM hardware such as Hangar and COM-BOX we not only enhance data transmission but add significant value to clients’ workflows. Remote control, secure automated data transfer and an easy deployment will be accessible across the complete value chain that we offer with our all-in-one data generation platform for corporations”, adds Andreas Dunsch, founder and CEO of Flynex.