Inside the company with Gabriele Petrucci, research and development engineer

Technology and innovative products able to guarantee exceptional services. In this way ADPM Drones has become a reference for the drone industry in Italy and abroad. It has succeeded thanks to a competent team capable of raising the level. So we decided to bring you inside the philosophy of the company and understand who is behind our projects.

The first is Gabriele Petrucci, research and development engineer, who divides his time between two important tasks: developing software and managing projects with clients and partners. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and joined ADPM Drones in September 2020 after an experience with another company in the same industry.

Petrucci considers the drone to be an “unmanned aerial vehicle that I can move around in three-dimensional space at will.” But also a product that “provides services quickly and automatically, with the potential to disrupt processes in multiple industries.” Among the various, however, the most important application ensured by a drone is “surveillance and security, because the sensors that a drone can integrate, such as optical camera, thermal just to name the most popular, combined with artificial intelligence allow you to get fast, efficient and surprising results”.

The Italian market is growing but slowed down by overly stringent rules, and Petrucci hopes for an easing of the regulations governing the use of drones. “Drones are still considered very dangerous objects, but so is a car if the driver’s attention is lacking. We need to find a balance between regulations and the possibility of using drones.”